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Chelsea Rock Walk

You’ve ‘eard of Rock’n’Roll Soho Walk on Fridays! You’ve ‘eard of the Rock’n’Roll Pub Walk on Wednesdays! And this is Rock’n’Roll Chelsea and we’ve got sights and sounds and marvels to delight your eyes and ears… Witness the Evolution of Decadence as the posh boys and the punks careen through SW3 to the World’s End. Apocalypse Then!It’s the 1960s and we’re swaggering down King’s Road pushing past the ghosts of Restoration fops and Regency Dandies. Mick & Keef are here, with Pink Floyd, Marianne Faithfull and The Beatles…But we’re mindful of Malcolm McLaren’s warning… never trust a Hippie.Halfway through the tour, the bells and kaftans of the swinging 60s give way to the needle and the middle finger of the bleak and nihilistic 70s. Punk is born, mewling and puking and suddenly were trampling on (and spitting at) the ghosts of Pre-Raphs and Bright Young Things with The Sex Pistols, McLaren, Chrissie Hynde and more. King Charles II will look on, blushing. Even he couldn’t have imagined the excesses of this lot. Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood will make sure we look the part. There will be drugs. You CAN always get what you want in Chelsea.

For a special Rolling Stones tour see this page.

This private tour can be for one person or any size group of people. Tours cost £160 per group, or £8 per person, whichever greater.


For a quote please email Richard for more information at richardandirina@tiscali.co.uk