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October 18th 2013 Paul McCartney Pops Up in Covent Garden

October 18th 2013. I got a text about 11.30am saying Paul McCartney was doing a pop up concert in Covent Garden at lunchtime. I rushed out the house straight away and got to Covent Garden by 12.15. There weren’t that many people there yet so I got right to the front.
I had a problem though – I was supposed to do a tour at 2pm and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stay for the show.
I was getting desperate when finally Paul onstage at about 1.30pm. He looked great and walked right in front of me to get to the stage.
Paul sang New, Everybody Out There, Save Us and Queenie Eye. As he had a bit of extra time, he repeated Queenie Eye. Here are some of my pics :>)

Paul McCartney in Covent Garden

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