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Quotes and testimonials about London Beatles Walks

Beatles 'Magical Mystery Tour Walk' has been called 'Quintessential London' by Fodor's London 2004 - along with The Globe Theatre, Changing of the Guard, Houses of Parliament, Speakers' Corner, and the Tower of London.

Fodor's say of the walk: 'This wonderful stroll down memory lane offered by The Original London Walks includes The London Palladium, No 3 Saville Row - the Fab Four's London headquarters - and Abbey Road. Yeah Yeah Yeah.'

'One person who has been something of a flag waver for the Beatles London has been Richard Porter: a likeable thirty-something, whose passion and knowledge of the group are apparent from the moment you meet him. Richard opens up each building's Beatles connection and history with vivid detail and anecdotal information. Without doubt, he is the authority concerning the group's movements within the capital during the 1960s.' - Beatles Monthly April 2002

'If you picture yourself on a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies, Richard Porter can't help you. But if you are in London and feeling nostalgic for the Beatles era then Porter, president of the London Beatles Fanclub, is the man to see. He has devised, and entertainingly conducts, a Beatle Walking Tour of London.' - Globe and Mail - Canada

'Richard delighted in telling us of the time he led a tour past Abbey Road and Paul McCartney, the cute one himself, came down the stairs of the studio and signed a few autographs.' - The Providence Sunday Journal

'Richard's appetite for Beatlefacts is both daunting and inspirational. Even when standing on a dull corner of 94 Baker St, where the Apple Shop (an employment agency now) briefly and somewhat controversially came to psychedelic life back in 1967, Richard blossoms with sheer likeability, his enthusiasm fertilised by a rush of information....the man is unassailable, a pro. Agog we listen, unswerving, rapt.' - The Scotsman


Dear Richard,

From all of us here at MJI, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to you for helping make our Abbey Road remote as successful and exciting as it was. Starting the radio stations off with your Beatles tour could not have been a better way to introduce them to London. When we saw George Martin stepping out of the Abbey Road Studios within four minutes of your tour, I was beginning to think you had the whole thing rigged! What great timing!

Also, your assistance with booking the talent at the remote itself was invaluable. I have had nothing but compliments from both the radio stations and sponsors fo the event. We would be delighted to work with you again. - Anita Jacobs, Event Manager - MJI Broadcasting


Richard Porter, the founder of the London Beatles Fan Club and holder of the "Beatles Brain of Britain" title, acted as our tour guide. Incredibly knowledgeable about Beatles culture, Richard was perfect for the job.

As an avid Beatles fan, I can say this experience is truly one to remember. I was raised on Beatles music and have since learned to appreciate the group's legendary work, but never before have I undergone such a marvelous experience of seeing several of the band's most famed locations first-hand. - Lynn Wallace , FS

I did both of Richard Porter's walking tours on my pilgrimage to England. They were both fantastic. Richard truly knows his stuff and this lifelong Beatle fan was easily impressed. Plus, an added bonus is meeting other Beatle fans from around the world while on the tours. Highly recommended! - Ed Rascati





'Dear Richard,
Thank you for making our vacation in London one that we will hold very dear in our memories. Andrew so enjoyed your gifted and talented tour guidance, and we wanted to express our great appreciation for your time and efforts.' - The Cohens, USA

The London Beatles Walk has been featured on the Discovery Travel Channel

The programme, 'Beatlemania Britain' is an hour long documentary about the Beatles phenomenon, a celebration of the Beatles, aiming to bring alive the Beatles' experience. It will visit the sites that were formative in the story of the Beatles, the ongoing festivals and venues where the Beatles legacy still thrives. They also plan to talk to friends and family, musicologists and die-hard fans, about these legends and their incredible impact.

'Beatlemania Britain' will be one in a series of programmes for the Discovery Travel Channel. The series is called 'Secrets'. They are one hour travel documentaries with facts and stories behind famous destinations and establishments. They are aspirational programmes looking to inspire and inform the world traveller.

The programme was received in 50 million homes in America and was also broadcast on Discovery Europe in twenty countries across the continent.


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