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Guide to The Beatles London

Guide to the Beatles' London book
by Richard Porter,
professional Beatles tour guide.
paperback, 102 pages, £8.95
IBSN 0 953875903
'This book is a must for all Beatles Fans whether you will be visiting London or not. It contains historical information on The Beatles lives in London which every Beatles Fan need to know' - Daytrippin' magazine


'The sixties were a fun time when everything came together, and London was fab - it really was then, ... it was really jumping. And there were The Beatles and the pirate radio stations and all that, and a general loosening up. Of course the war had gone by then and rationing had finished so people started throwing their legs in the air and having a good time. It was a good place to be, around London, in the sixties.'

Kenny Everett,
DJ and producer of the Beatles Christmas records

About the Book

  • walking tour of Beatles sites in Central London and also details of sites further out from the centre;
  • maps and directions how to get there;
  • an essential souvenir of the London Beatles walking tours, plus an independent guide to many more Beatles places in London not visited on the tours
  • scores of previously unpublished and rare photos, including The Beatles at their homes and in Abbey Road Studios;
  • published by the Abbey Road Cafe, the official outlet for Abbey Road Studios and Beatles merchandise
  • stories from people who worked with the Beatles, including Alistair Taylor, Brian Epstein's personal assistant, top record producer Alan Parsons and top DJ Kenny Everett;
  • written by Richard Porter - professional Beatles tour guide, former editor 'Off the Beatle Track' magazine and renowned Beatles expert
  • unique content and professional design make it an ideal momento of your trip to London, or a special present for your Beatle fan friend!


The book is divided into the followings sections:

Places included in the book include Abbey Road Studios, the former 'Apple' building at 3 Savile Row, the Beatles homes, offices, recording studios and many others. However, the book is more about the people that frequented the buildings, rather than the buildings themselves.

  • find out what John Lennon was doing outside some public toilets in 1966
  • discover which famous Beatles song was recorded in a studio next to a strip club
  • learn how some ladies tights saved an important Beatles event
  • uncover who were the 'Apple Scruffs' featured in the George Harrison song

Foreword for the book
by Jeff Jarrett, now a leading record producer
who worked with the Beatles on the 'Abbey Road' album.

Beatles book

Beatles London

guide to Beatles places in London Britain

What the Papers Say

  'There is certainly enough information here to enable the reader to knowledgeably hit all the Beatle high spots in and around London. This is a very helpful volume that should be a must purchase for any fan heading for the British capital.' - Justin Stonehouse - Beatlefan magazine

'Mr Porter has been conducting Beatles walking tours in London for over ten years (for over 50,000 Beatles fans). He's logged a few thousand miles. He knows the scene. Richard has transcribed his tours in this book. And what a trip it is.Bravo to Richard Porter on a wonderful first effort. I like this book. Brad Howard - World Beatles Forum

This book is a must for all Beatles fans whether you will be visiting London or not. It contains historical information on The Beatles' lives in London which every Beatles fan needs to know.
Trina Yannicos - Daytrippin' magazine

England Britain Beatles guide

guide book on the Beatles

guidebook on the Beatles

How to buy
the The Official Abbey Road Cafe Guide
to The Beatles London

To Order Online

The Book is also available from the Abbey Road Cafe, St John's Wood Underground Station

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